Supply Chain Management Solution. For better Tomorrow !!

We had helped following companies to focus on their core competencies by outsourcing parts of their value chain to us.

  1. Parekh aluminx ltd - Super stockists
  2. Parle Agro Pvt Limited - Channel partner
  3. Cavin kare pvt Ltd- Channel partner
  4. JDJ Beverages pvt ltd- Super stockists
  5. Rock dude pvt ltd- Super stockists
  6. Dharampal Satyapal Group
  7. REI AGRO Limited.
  8. SR Foils & Tissue Limited.
  9. Great Food and Beverage UK LLP
  10. Parle Products

Morvin in its venture for FMCG sector has tie up with Parle Agro is an Indian private limited company that owns several popular brands including Frooti, Appy, LMN, Hippo and Bailley.

Currently Morvin  is channel partner for parle Agro products Frooti, Appy, LMN, Hippo and Bailley. Beverages – fruit drinks, nectars, juice, sparkling drinks , Water – packaged drinking water ,Foods – confectionery &  snacks.

 This will be followed by other specialized products for Institutional and Retail customers.

Morvin prides itself as a one-stop station for customers and companies that require a strong international presence to bridge the geographical gap. We are Market Expansion Services Company. We help companies to focus on their core competencies by outsourcing parts of their value chain to us.

 Morvin, Marketing offers local and international manufacturers and wholesalers a turnkey solution aimed at prominently positioning their products across major retail chains to maximize brand awareness and sales.

Outsourcing parts of value chain can prove a powerful asset for company’s profile; Morvin provides tailor-made services matching specific needs while combining them with sound expertise and on-the-ground logistics based on a comprehensive network and infrastructure. From sourcing to after-sales support, we handle numerous value-added services along company’s entire value chain, acting as an extended arm of business.

 We offer a complete set of affordable Marketing Services that give the flexibility to grow the business while watching the marketing budgets. For even greater flexibility and affordability, we offer Campaign Packages that bundle popular marketing services into affordable packages.

• Brand Making & advertising

• Facilitating Collaboration & distribution Tie Ups

• Social Media Marketing. Creative, Digital & online

 We cater Manufacturers and other shipping customers with time-critical services at short notice. Our company is strongly rooted by our core values T.R.U.S.T. Morvin’s outstanding knowledge of local markets and consumer needs creates a solid foundation for maintaining the essential quality of materials and products

 One of the advantages about doing business with us is a very personalized service, with a maximum level of efficiency and a minimum of overhead costs. We design and manage complex supply chains – from supplier through Wholesaler, retailer or end-user. And finally, we can cater to the emergency needs; we not only prepare the plan, but also assist in putting the plan into motion and monitoring its progress. The marketing plan encompasses research and analysis, media planning, budgeting, pricing and much more..

 The strength of business lies largely in ability to offer the products and services demanded by a changing marketplace, at a price that is both competitive for the customer and profitable. We help to objectively evaluate present product / service offerings as compare to consumers' needs. We give recommendations for expanding present roster of services to Increase income, based on consumer research and profitability studies.

 We find out who customers are (and  non-customers as well), how markets are growing or changing, how competition is doing, and what consumers say they want in terms of products, pricing, service, image.

We often conduct one or more focus groups to obtain a direction for research and to determine some of the issues and concerns which need to be included. We also design the survey to gain the maximum response rate. We gather and analyze the data, giving information upon which to base future strategies.

 We guide branding efforts for companies, both large and small, and across many different business acumens, providing such efforts that include:

• Strategic Planning and Brand development, Product, pricing and positioning.

• Business Plan development, Marketing and Action Plans

 The main Objective of our sales Team is: Distribution, Pricing and Shelving. Our Marketing strategy is the multi-branding keeping in mind Indian industry. The company's direct-to-home venture would aim 10% subscription and its focusing would be on how to reiterate the role of mass marketer.

 To our suppliers we provide:  Sales and distribution of their products, Real time marketing intelligence and information. Dedicated managers with the sole focus of growing their market share and business

 To our customer we provide: Market leading brands, Top quality merchandising of products depending on their needs, Advertising and promotions aimed at supporting the brands and in accordance with the brand policy 

  To our end consumer we provide:  Attractive and strategically organized displays of high quality products                                                       competitively priced, Appealing promotions. Resiliency to withstand the competitive and cyclical nature of our industry by being dynamic, flexible, innovative and operationally excellent.

 Specialties: Inbound Marketing, Search Marketing, Content Marketing, Brand Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Public Relations, Strategic Planning, Business Development, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Search Engine Optimization ,Account Management ,Business Development ,Training & Development ,Vendor Relations ,Landing Page Creation & Optimization ,Content Creation (EBooks’, White Papers, Case Studies, Blog Posts, and more) Keyword Research & Analysis ,Analytics Analysis & Reporting ... and more!

 Promotional Contents: Since inception, professionalism and performance paired with humanity and warmth - these are the values, which give our staff the strength to drive, us as Morvin. We live business  round the clock, on 365 days in the year, Every individual business of the group is run on a singular, universal value system – “To meet and exceed the expectations of those we serve – not just this time, but every time!”

 Our Approach:  All our decisions we take are based on: Is there something that we can do differently that would make it more valuable for you? Work on Business solutions which reduce our and customer’s cost. Flexible pricing models and transparent approach

 We would look forward to your valuable cooperation and assure to give you the best of personalized services we remain at your disposal for further information.

Parle Agro private limited

Morvin in its venture for FMCG sector has tie up with Parle Agro is an Indian private limited company that owns several popular brands including Frooti, Appy, LMN, Hippo and Bailley.

Currently Morvin  is channel partner for parle Agro products Frooti, Appy, LMN, Hippo and Bailley. Beverages – fruit drinks, nectars, juice, sparkling drinks , Water – packaged drinking water ,Foods – confectionery &  snacks.

 This will be followed by other specialized products for Institutional and Retail customers.

Dharampal Satyapal Group

Morvin in its venture for FMCG sector had worked with DS Group , Dharampal Satyapal Group  rapidly growing multi-diversified conglomerate , has a strong presence in sectors such as F&B, Hospitality, Mouth Fresheners, Tobacco, Packaging, Agro forestry, Rubber Thread and Infrastructure. The most recent addition has been the Group’s foray into Dairy, Confectionary and Powdered Beverages business. Founded in year 1929, DS Group is committed towards premium quality products & credited with several innovations over last eight decades.

Morvin was channel partner for DS Milk Products  for Ghee, Skimmed Milk Powder Whole Milk Powder, Pasteurized Cream and White Butter under the brand name ‘Dairy Max’. This will be followed by other specialized products for Institutional and Retail customers. 

The Company plans to distribute dairy products including Packaged Milk, Fortified Milk, Curd, Lassi, Chhach, flavoured Milk, Paneer, UHT Milk, Malted Dairy Foods, Table Butter and Condensed Milk to augment the Dairy portfolio of the company. 

 DS Group has recently acquiring a state-of-art Dairy Plant at Reengus, near Jaipur in Rajasthan. The Dairy Plant spread over an area of 7.5 acres has a capacity to process approximately 4 lakh litres of milk per day. 

 DS Dairy Plant has highest quality and process certifications such as ISO 9000; 2008, HACCP, Agmark, BIS Certification, FSSAI License, etc

In order to grow in scale and build capacities, the Morvin is looking for tie ups and collaborations.

REI Agro limited.

Morvin International was distributor for REI Agro limited.   

REI Agro is the largest basmati rice processing and marketing company in the globe. From modest beginnings in 1996,the company has grown to hold the largest market share of the basmati rice segment worldwide. Today, REI Agro is an integrated player, undertaking activities right from procuring paddy to drying,de-husking, milling and polishing, colour sorting, grading, inspection, packing, branding, distribution and retailing.


SR Foils & Tissue Ltd.

We were distributes for SR Foils & Tissue Ltd.

SR Group are manufacturers of India's largest selling Aluminium Foil - Homefoil, Clean Wrap - Cling Film and Mistique Tissue Paper Products.
Recently SR Foils & Tissue ltd won the prestigious Emerging Award for best performing SME in retail ,trading & other services and best SMEof the year Award.

SR Homefoil -India's largest selling aluminum foil since 20 years, is a very hygienic medium for wrapping, storing, covering, sealing and baking of food products. Available for home and professional use they are available in a range of lengths, widths and thickness to meet the packaging requirement of every customer.

SR Chapati Wrap- was introduced in the market 18 yrs ago and is still the most widely used pre-cut aluminum sheet with an absorba layer to wrap chapattis.

SR Clean Wrap - Nothing protects food better!
Crystal clear food grade cling film, now with a dispenser preserves fresh foodstuff specially meat, poultry, cheese, fruits and vegetables. It adds gloss and luster, providing the 'fresh today' appearance that is so important to customer appeal. Clean wrap guarantees hygienic storage, sharp edge cutting lessens, wastage and is economical in use. Available in 3 presentations and in different lengths, they are ideal not only for large caterers but for domestic use also..

SR Mistique - Magic, Softee, Joy and Sparkle: tissue paper products offer quality, versality and value. In order to keep up with the world market, the Mistique range includes facial tissues, kitchen rolls, napkins and wash room rolls that are made up of super soft, highly absorbent two ply and 3 ply tissue paper which has the right balance of strength and absorbency.SR 

Mistique Professional : range of away- from- home tissue products offer tissues for the bulk user. 

SR Mistiques Wet Tissues - a 3-in-1 combination of water-hanky-perfume, anytime- anywhere for instant freshness is a wonderful experience.

Computer Accessories and Parts

Morvin is one of the chief distributor for Branded as well non branded computer parts on PAN India basis.